LX, LY, LZ Lever Clamps

The JIT-SR product line allows world class manufactures to achieve the highest level of reliability in single-minute die and mold exchange processes.

Using a single-action spring return cylinder acting on a lever arm, this lever style clamp hydraulically secures the die base to the press bolster or slide.


Model Max. Working Pressure
LX 13.8 MPa (2000 PSI)
LY 18.1 MPa (2600 PSI)
LZ 24.5 MPa (3600 PSI)


The JIT-SR Advantage:

  • No U-cut necessary on die
  • Suitable for lower die clamp
  • Applicable for injection molding
  • Available at various tonnages and machined to customer-specified T-slot specifications.
  • Available as a flange mounted unit (F-type), eliminating the need for T-slots.
  • Machined from a single forged block for added strength
  • Unique split style construction between the cylinder and the lever section eliminates uneven wear to the T-slot by uniformly distributing the clamping force and providing stable surface contact.
  • Optional modular style lever-operated check valve which maintains hydraulic pressure in the clamp for 21 hours without a primary power source.
  • Optional proximity/limit switch for die shoe detection
  • Available in “Non-Touch” auto slide models.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability, JIT-SR hydraulic clamps are the standard-bearers for Total Quick Die Change (TQDC) and Total Quick Mold Change (TQMC) systems.