Aerospace Industry

Boost your efficiency and profits

Long-Lasting, Durable Solutions For The Aerospace Industry

JIT Automation Inc. has supplied unique, customized solutions to aerospace production floors since our establishment in 1982. As an early advocate for lean manufacturing techniques, JIT’s Total Quick Die Change (TQDC) and Total Quick Mold Change (TQMC) systems have resulted in billions of dollars in profits for our clients. Learn how JIT Automation’s just-in-time methodology can help establish your role in the global marketplace by increasing profits and boosting efficiency.

Reliable and tested

Die and mold clamping for aerospace manufacturers

JIT Automation is proud to supply clamps, die handling, and hydraulics that are durable and time-tested.

Our products are made of high-quality materials and our clamps are constructed from a single piece of metal, so they’re less prone to breakage when compared to composite products.

JIT has an impressive performance history of delivering superior products that have a lifespan of over 20 years. We thoughtfully implement innovation at every step to promote durability and reliability on your aerospace production floor.

Comprehensive Automation

Products for aerospace manufacturers
  • Hydraulic piston and lever clamps
  • High-speed pumps, valves and power units
  • Hydraulic and spring-loaded die lifters and bolster extensions
  • Automated die carts
  • Auto-couplers
  • Slide locks

Custom fabrication of automation systems

For the aerospace industry

If prefabricated QDC and QMC products don’t meet your specific needs, JIT Automation’s made-to-order fabrication options can be tailored to your aerospace floor’s exact requirements. Our experts will help you find the best solution, whether you need a part to work with an old press or a clamp that can be used with different types of presses and dies. Contact our automation specialists today to discuss your clamp, die handling, and hydraulic needs.

aerospace industry manufacturing automation

Increases efficiency and safety

Safety is your top concern so it’s our primary concern, too. Jobs and factory floors are made safer with automation. Workplace safety, which is vital to ensure the health and safety of workers, also contributes to business profitability. Safety incidents cut into expenses due to fines, widespread shutdowns, and even lawsuits. Not to mention that bad press can jeopardize employee hiring and retention.

Reduced productivity from manual processes is a considerable expense, as well, especially if machines are shut down each time workers place dies into the presses. Safe, automated solutions will help your aerospace production floor achieve profitability.

Tailor-made automation solutions for aerospace

  • Increase quality by reducing try-out and adjustments
  • Enhance productivity by decreasing press downtime
  • Reduce complicated processes that require specialized training
  • Increase safety by eliminating unsafe die changing

Servicing and maintenance of aerospace automation systems

JIT Automation is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that can last for decades — no planned obsolescence, here! Plus, our unique servicing and self-repair options are convenient and cost-saving options. JIT’s technicians can visit your aerospace production floor to diagnose your problems and provided a recommended remedy.

Our maintenance and troubleshooting services are offered for the lifespan of our QDC and QMC products. Not sure if your clamps, carts, or hydraulics need to be repaired or replaced? Contact us today.