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Automotive Industry Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Quality, reliable automation

JIT Automation Inc. was an early proponent of lean manufacturing in North America. In fact, our founder, Osamu (Sam) Oishi, worked with the “Big Three” U.S. automakers to implement Japanese-inspired innovation and automation standards. As an early advocate of lean manufacturing, JIT Automation Inc. has a long history of delivering unique and innovative solutions for automotive production floor issues while increasing safety and maximizing profits.

Since our establishment in 1982, our Total Quick Die Change (TQDC) and Total Quick Mold Change (TQMC) systems have resulted in billions of dollars in increased profits for our automotive industry partners. Learn how JIT Automation’s just-in-time philosophy can help increase efficiency and establish your position as a major player in the global marketplace:

Comprehensive Auto Production Solutions

  • Hydraulic piston and lever clamps
  • High-speed pumps, valves and power units
  • Hydraulic and spring-loaded die lifters and bolster extensions
  • Automated die carts
  • Auto-couplers
  • Slide locks

JIT’s high-quality die and mold clamping automation systems

Time-tested in the automotive industry

At JIT Automation, we take a “quality first” approach and pride ourselves on selling products that stand the test of time. We don’t settle for composite products that may compromise strength and opt instead where possible to rely on solid materials that enhance integrity. Our meticulous sourcing of top-quality materials and the application of exhaustive QC processes and procedures contribute to our proven track record of delivering high quality, durable products. Careful consideration goes into every step of our process — from design and engineering, all the way through production. For decades, top automakers have experienced the value in JIT’s durable and reliable die and mold clamping, die handling, and hydraulic units.

Enhanced safety and increased efficiency for auto manufacturers

Safety, your top concern, is of utmost importance to us too. JIT knows that automation makes jobs and factories safer. Workplace safety is crucial on the production floor and ensuring the health and safety of your workers is vital. Not only is it the ethical way to do business, but a safe workplace is more profitable.

How? Loss of productivity is expensive. Shutting down a machine every time a worker must move a die into a press adds up to a significant loss of time. Widespread shutdowns due to safety incidents are expensive as well. Fines and lawsuits related to safety issues are costly and bad press can jeopardize the hiring and retention of good employees.

JIT’s customized automation solutions for the automotive industry

  • Increase productivity by reducing press downtime during die changes
  • Increase quality by eliminating try-out and adjustments
  • Reduce complicated procedures that require excessive training
  • Increase safety by eliminating the dangerous die changing process

Service and repairs for clamps, die handling, and hydraulics

As part of our dedication to quality, JIT’s products aren’t relegated to planned obsolescence. Not only can our clamps, carts, and hydraulics last for decades, but we offer servicing and self-repair options. Our technicians will go onsite and determine the problem and diagnose if the product should be repaired or replaced. They’ll help you decide if it makes more sense to repair a part and save money or replace the whole system at a higher cost. Our dedication to maintenance and troubleshooting is available for the entire life of our QDC and QMC products. Learn more!

Custom fabrication for your automotive manufacturing

Instead of choosing one-size-fits-all QDC and QMC products, JIT Automation offers fabrication options tailored to your company’s specific needs. If you’re seeking a part to fit into an old press, we’ll work with you to find the best option. And if you’ve acquired different types of presses and dies, JIT can create custom clamps that will fit your exact needs. Not sure what exactly you need? Contact our specialists for a careful analysis of your machines and we’ll offer a recommended solution that is unique to your situation.