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Lean Manufacturing For Large Appliance Industry

Reliable, durable solutions

Reducing waste and increasing efficiency are the hallmarks of lean manufacturing practices. They’re also the driving force behind the innovative solutions that JIT Automation Inc. has delivered to large appliance production floors for decades.

JIT Automation’s just-in-time approach can help enhance productivity, increase profits, and strongly position your large appliance business as a player in the global economy.

Since our founding in 1982, our Total Quick Die Change (TQDC) and Total Quick Mold Change (TQMC) systems have resulted in billions of dollars in profits to our clients.

Our Solutions Feature

  • Hydraulic piston and lever clamps
  • High-speed pumps, valves and power units
  • Hydraulic and spring-loaded die lifters and bolster extensions
  • Automated die carts
  • Auto-couplers
  • Slide locks

Durable die and mold clamping

Our solutions are tried and tested

At JIT Automation, we pride ourselves on providing the large appliance industry with clamps, die handling, and hydraulics systems that are reliable, long-lasting, and integral to lean manufacturing processes. JIT has a well-documented track record of supplying high-quality products that last for decades.

From engineering through production, we thoughtfully consider each step of our design and manufacturing process to ensure dependability and durability on your large appliance production floor. We also emphasize longevity with our source materials and engineering standards, for example in electing the added strength and integrity of solid materials in place of weaker composite products that may be prone to breaks.

Increase speed, efficiency and productivity

We understand that automation is critical to your business’ profitability, and that productivity is closely tied to safety. After all, automation makes jobs and factory floors safer and the chances of an injury occurring on an automated manufacturing floor is significantly less than in non-automated workplaces. Reduced productivity is a real expense, especially if a machine must be shut down every time a worker moves a die or mold into a press.

Safety incidents are an expense, too. Widespread shutdowns, fines, and lawsuits stemming from safety issues are costly. Even more, hiring and retaining qualified employees can be undermined by bad press. That’s why safety is a top concern of ours, and why we remain committed to producing automation components that are essential to not only the health and wellness of your production workers, but your business’ bottom line, as well.

JIT’s unique automation solutions

  • Increase quality by eliminating try-out and adjustments
  • Enhance productivity by decreasing press downtime during die changes
  • Limit complex processes that require extensive training
  • Increase safety by cutting out the hazardous die changing process 

Clamp, die handling, and hydraulics service and repair

JIT Automation is so dedicated to quality that our products aren’t built with planned obsolescence in mind. To the contrary, our products can last for decades, and we even offer servicing and self-repair choices to lengthen their lives and defer the need for costly replacement. If you’re unsure if your clamps, carts, or hydraulics need to be repaired or replaced, our technicians will conduct an onsite visit to diagnose the problem and recommend a course of action. JIT’s maintenance and troubleshooting services are available for the lifespan of our QDC and QMC products. Learn more.

If off-the-shelf QDC and QMC products don’t meet your unique needs, choose JIT Automation’s custom fabrication options instead, which can be tailored to the requirements of your large appliance manufacturing floor. We’ll help you find the best option, whether you’re seeking a part to work with an old press or a clamp that can be used with different presses and dies. Contact our specialists today to discuss your clamp, die handling, and hydraulic needs.