About JIT Automation


Pioneers in lean manufacturing systems

Established in 1982, JIT Automation Inc. was an early proponent of Lean Manufacturing in North America. Our founder, Osamu (Sam) Oishi, worked with North American businesses, particularly the “Big Three” U.S. automakers, to establish Japanese-inspired but North American-applied innovation, which proved essential to the success of the industry.

With the introduction of the Just in Time philosophy coupled with our Total Quick Die Change (TQDC) and Total Quick Mold Change (TQMC) systems, our now global clientele have recovered billions in additional profits over the past three decades.

"Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before"

– Shigeo Shingo, Inventor of the Just in Time Manufacturing Technique.

Automation solutions that increase speed, efficiency, and productivity

The JIT approach to these technologies has been expanded to include such meaningful techniques as Total Product Maintenance (TPM), and Set-Up Time Reduction programs. In all of these cases, we are motivated by the need and desire to assist our clients in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

As an industry-established supplier of Japanese die and mold exchange technologies, JIT Automation Inc. offers a full range of hydraulically-activated piston and lever clamps, as well as high-speed pumps, valves, and power units. Our product range is further expanded with the inclusion of hydraulic and spring-loaded die lifters and bolster extensions, automated die carts, auto-couplers, and slide locks.

JIT Vision

Our vision is to place JIT Automation Inc. in the forefront of organizations promoting the growth and continued improvement of production efficiencies and profitability in the metal stamping, injection molding, and related industries.

At JIT we are dedicated to achieving our vision by encouraging learning and innovation, by pushing the limits of what technology can accomplish, and by working with our clients as partners in success.

Unsurpassed quality, reliability, and value

Our high performance products are built to withstand decades of heavy use on the factory floor. It is not uncommon for our customers to report 20+ year life spans on our systems.

Combine superior product quality with our responsive Total Product Maintenance program, and our clients can be assured that they have the tools required to be World Class Manufacturers.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in eliminating waste, maximizing profits, and strengthening your position in the global marketplace.

About our Founder

Osamu Oishi Founder of JIT Automation

Mr. Osamu (Sam) Oishi, P.Eng. (1934 – 2014) was the founder and president of JIT Automation Inc. Born in Canada, Mr. Oishi received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Toronto in 1961, and he was a member of the Professional Engineers Association of Ontario.

Mr. Oishi devoted his career to a vision of superior manufacturing in North America. Working with the famous quality gurus W. Edwards Deming and Shigeo Shingo, Mr. Oishi promoted the concepts of Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy of that stresses continuous manufacturing improvement and lean production. A frequent speaker on this subject, he published numerous papers on how to reduce costs by eliminating waste on the shop floor. Mr. Oishi continually stressed the need for North American manufactures to commit to quality improvement systems in order to maintain their competitiveness.

JIT Automation Inc. continues to pursue Mr. Oishi’s vision by partnering with North American manufactures to support their rise to the challenges of the global marketplace.