ESY, ESZ Travel Clamp

The JIT-SR line of auto travel clamps allows world-class manufacturers to achieve the highest level of reliability in single-minute die and mold exchange processes. With a wide array of configurations available and our expert team of engineers, we are committed to providing best-fit solutions to maximize profitability for our customers.

JIT’s signature automatic travel clamp. Designed for durability, reliability, and flexibility. Some clients report up to a thirty-year product lifespan. The ESYl replaces the legendary JIT-Pakman FSY automatic travel clamp.

Designed for upper die clamping applications, the air cylinder actuated self-travelling clamp combines our single-action return hydraulic piston clamp with an air cylinder actuator to achieve quick, reliable, and safe die exchange.

The JIT-SR Advantage

  • Motor driven for superior synchronization of the die clamp travel
  • Compact design eliminates the need for mounting blocks in most cases
  • Design provides consideration to die detection and clamp retraction for maximum safety
  • Safety is improved by incorporating a hydraulic locking system to eliminate accidental clamp movement
  • Clamp can be advanced manually if necessary
  • Enclosed hydraulic hose and control cable eliminate interference problems with feed and transfer equipment
  • The fully enclosed cable/hose carriers improved design reduces friction and allows for faster and smoother operation
  • ESY normally functions without the need for die adapter plates
  • Units are custom designed to match the customer’s standard clamping height