VF Valve Unit VF-S, VF-P, VF-M

The JIT/SR product line allows world class manufacturers to achieve the highest level of reliability in single-minute die and mold exchange processes

The Posi Seal® Valve units represent the industry benchmark for safety and reliability. These positive sealing hydraulic directional control valves are applicable for a variety of hydraulic circuits and valve configurations that are integral to the operation of die clamps and die lifters in a Quick Die Change system.

Each circuit with pressure switch and integral non-leak check valve. All hydraulic and pneumatic connections manifolded to eliminate piping. Electrical devices are prewired to a NEMA 13 class terminal box. Optional compact unit without the pre-wired terminal box for installations with limited space.

Enhanced safety features are engineered into every aspect of the unit for maximum quality, predictability, and peace of mind.


Model Variations and Customizations
VF-S Operated with single solenoid, air-piloted, spring return valve for each circuit. Double solenoid option is available.
VF-P Provide air-pilot port for each circuit to be operated by external air-pilot valve.
VF-M Operated with manual, air-piloted valve with push-turn handle for safe


The JIT/SR Advantage

  • Customizable to your system requirements and specifications
  • Solenoid valves provide an electrical interlock, enhancing safety
  • Pressure switches are wired to a remote panel and interfaced with the press control to stop the press in the event of a pressure loss.
  • These valve units are leak-free so that check valves will maintain pressure even if the pump is stopped temporarily.
  • Pressure switches continuously monitor hydraulic pressure in each circuit and are pre-wired with the solenoid into an oil-tight junction box with a numbered terminal strip.
    All connections are manifolded for ease of installation
    Optional manifolded relief valve can be stacked on the assembly to prevent excess build-up of pressure due to high temperatures.