RPY/RPZ, RAY/RAZ, RAX Rotary Clamps

The JIT-SR product line allows world-class manufacturers to achieve the highest level of reliability in single-minute die and mold exchange processes.

The RAY clamp uses pneumatic source to position the rod, while relying on the dependability of hydraulics to secure the die quickly, safely, and effectively. The rotary-style clamp assumes a constant die width for an economical and effective QDC solution.

The RPY version integrates additional automated movements including extension, rotation, and full retractation of the rod. This feature offers improved versatility and space utilization by
allowing die movement in any direction.

The JIT-SR Advantage

  • Suitable in any position
  • Independent pneumatic rod positioning and hydraulic clamping circuits prevent accidental failure due to pressure drop in either of the air or oil circuits
  • Oil requirements are extremely low, allowing for use of a small capacity hydraulic source
  • Design includes limit switches to detect proper positioning of the clamping rod, which enhances safety and prevents damage to the die.
  • May be hard tubed and wired to eliminate the risk of accidental hose damage.
  • The enclosed mechanism reduces maximizes durability by providing superior resistance to dust and oil contamination.
  • Constructed with a solid one-piece rod, which is machined from a single billet (AISI 4137 grade steel) and then nitrated to maximize strength and safety capabilities