HL28, HL50, HL70 Hydraulic Die Lifter

The JIT-SR product line allows world class manufactures to achieve the highest level of reliability in single-minute die and mold exchange processes.

The HL series die lifters utilize hydraulic power to raise the rollers above the bolster surface allowing smooth and efficient die exchange.

The JIT-SR Advantage

  • Ideal for medium to heavy load applications
  • The rollers are designed for maximum longevity with a hardened outer ring which has a special surface treatment for added protection of the bearing.
  • Lifter is machined from a single solid steel bar resulting in unparalleled strength
  • Dust proof covers on the roller block prevent contamination from scrap and to allow for easy bolster surface cleaning.
  • The die lifters height is easily adjusted as the adjusting screw is located on the top surface of the die lifter.
  • Fixed hydraulic cylinder allowing the unit to be plumbed with a rigid steel line.