“JUST IN TIME” (JIT) Production System

Achieving JIT Production

“JUST IN TIME”production is the timely production of the minimum necessary product. JIT production is often described as “product on demand” or “stockless production”. In fact it is the most efficient method of production in which the costs are minimized to achieve maximum profits. Successful implementation of a JIT production system requires the production facility to have the following attributes.

  1. Flexibility – quick response to customers’ demands
  2. Reliability – perfect production system
  3. Predictability – comprehensive production control management
Automation Systems

Why You Need A Quick Die Change System For Your Metal Stamping/Injection Molding Operation ?

automation system

To become a World Class Stamper you need to stay competitive by having the right set-up on your press floor. Having the flexibility to produce products on customers’ demand, on a Just In Time basis allows you to have full control over your production time and inventory levels.

  1. Productivity: Elimination of press downtime due to die change (Avg.30%)
  2. Quality: Elimination of try-out and multiple adjustments
  3. Easy: Elimination of complicated procedures (anyone can operate)
  4. Safety: Elimination of dangerous die changing
  5. Inventory: Elimination of excessive stock
Automation Systems

JIT Automation’s TQDC© System provides the Flexibility, Reliability & Predictability needed to maximize your profit through the “elimination of waste”. Through the “JIT Production System” you will be able to improve your quality & delivery times with a reduced price and a greater profit margin.

Cost = Real Costs – Wastes

Standardize your stamping operation and achieve maximum profits