Return On Investment

Realistic Goals for TQDC System Implementation

  • 80% Reduction in inventory in 12 months
  • 80% reduction in lead time in 12 months
  • 50% reduction in scrap in 12 months
  • 95% reduction in setup time in 6 months
  • 50% increase in production in 6 months

Common Company Wastes:

Waste that reduces your profitability include:

  1. Unnecessary Press Downtime
  2. Lengthy Press Setup Times
  3. Unused or Under-used Machinery & Presses
  4. Idle Time Waiting for Process
  5. Poor Facility Usage and Tooling
  6. Inefficient Storage of Dies
  7. Poorly Trained Operators
  8. Excessive Scrap or Rework
  9. Transportation and Double Handling
  10. High Inventory Levels and Over Production
  11. Long Lead Times
  12. High Maintenance Costs
  13. Accidents and Absenteeism

Any process / operation which does not increase product value.
The value of your product is determined by the market. If you cannot increase your selling price and maintain current levels of sales, then you need to look elsewhere to increase your profits. Implementing a “Quick Die Change” system provides a quick, easy & safe solution that will improve your production and delivery times while reducing your manufacturing costs, resulting in greater profits.